When we meet a company for the first time, we feel it is very important to get a clear understanding of your objectives before we begin. We recognize your time is valuable, so when we come in to discuss retirement plans, we like to start our discussion with an overview of the plan you currently offer.

Next, we delve into the exploration process to determine if your current plan is the appropriate fit for your objectives. In today’s environment, we realize that small business owners have a lot on their plates and being a qualified plan expert is not one of them. Nor do many owners and executives have the time to become experts, most need a professional who can boil the issues down to actionable items that make the plan work. What we often find is an Employer with the wrong plan and it really doesn’t meet the unique needs of your company or your employees.

Once we get a feel for what you are trying to achieve, we will determine if it makes sense for us to work together and will begin to outline the options to make this complicated area, as simple as possible for you.

The Prudent 10-Step Retirement Plan Process

Today we don’t often get a chance to go through our detailed retirement plan process for one simple reason. Most executives and business owners look at how much they or staff needs to be involved in having a customized plan, that we rarely use them, except in specific need instances.

Below we have outlined the whole process so its easier to understand just how encompassing and time-consuming this process is.

We meet with your current plan trustees and administrators to find out what type of plan you have, as well as what you like and dislike about it. During this meeting we will discuss the following topics, discrimination testing, Investment Menu and criteria, fiduciary roles and responsibilities, participant education and communication, as well as plan expenses and overall expectations. From here, if we decide to work together, we will schedule our next step, the Prudent Retirement Plan Evaluation.

Multi Employer Plans

(MEPs for short)

Multiple Employer Plans have been around for quite some time, but many businesses have never heard of them. When we started with these types of plans, most businesses were amazed that this type of plan was available. But today, that initial premise which originally only had a limited number of vendor options, is now something that has morphed itself into one of the most viable retirement options in the country. For many, having a small amount of requirements that take little time to implement, yet still covers virtually all of the liability exposure is just what they are looking for.  Today, we can customize it all in a cost-effective manner that allows you to run your business and not your retirement plan.  Give us a call and we’d be more than happy to outline why so many businesses are choosing this type of plan option.

Non-Profit Retirement Plans


When it comes to retirement plans for non-profits, not all plans are created equal. In the non-profit arena the offerings can vary greatly from the commonly known 401k, to the 403b. But although these two plans are close in terms of there IRS codes, they are very different. 403b plans are only available to non-profits and they are generally exempt from ERISA regulations, although many expect this to change and fall in line with the ERISA requirements for 401Ks. Additionally, there are many differences that are readily apparent. Such as the 15 year catch up provision, and the lack of in service distributions and transfers. If you’re a 501C3 non-profit organization who’s looking to establish or change your retirement plan, but your not sure which way to go. Give us a call, we can help.

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